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Artist  Singer  Teacher  Researcher

Hello and welcome!


I am an illustrator, educator, and songwriter, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I make art, songs, magic, and friends.  I teach art and yoga at Escuela del Sol Montessori.   

You've found my website!  Right now I am working on my original tarot deck, co-hosting a comedy/tarot/magic pod called "The Dates of Our Lives" with Tanesia Hale-Jones, starting a new music project (keep your ears pealed!), performing with ABBAquerque—Albuquerque's premier ABBA cover band, singing with Coro Lux (choir of light) for the first time, making art with elementary and middle schoolers, and laying the groundwork for an illustration shop.   

Soon there will be the opportunity to purchase bespoke pet portraits, and download illustrated resources by yours truly!  The tarot deck will also be available for purchase, but as of right now I have finished the Major Arcana and thus have 52 cards more to go.  (If you want to stay in the loop about the deck, sign up here !)

Love love love and pumpkin spice!


Let me tell you...



           Strong Sweet Deep Ripe Full

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